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The Blocking Requirements Lab was founded mid 2015 by Unreal players Pcube, Casey, Dante and Jackrabbit. To date, the Blocking Requirements Lab consists of just Pcube and Casey. The group formed with a simple goal in mind: to discover and innovate new methods to block Zombie's Deadzone, a server that purports to be unblockable. The members of the Blocking Requirements Lab pooled their collective Fuckover knowledge, a veritable library of map and script quirks, bugs and oddities, the Blocking Requirements Lab has been successful in finding new ways to block maps.

The Blocking Requirements Lab initially focused (and still does, for the most part) on discovering and implementing blocking technology on stock maps, but occasionally branches out to developing for custom material as well.

Noteworthy Adversaries[edit]

The Blocking Requirements Lab has unfortunately not always been met with the respect or admiration it rightfully deserves. These entities include the administrator(s) of Zombie's Deadzone, drywall-level-creativity map creator Ron BR and other lesser (non-noteworthy) dissidents. It is our hope that our research paves the way for better relations with these entities for a brighter and more often blocked Unreal future.