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Passive blocks[edit]

Active blocks[edit]

Permanent blocks[edit]

Inventory Armor Lift Block[edit]

Note: The following is theoretical and untested.

Requires Item Respawn, No Brain

Health pickup above armor lift, blocking it.

The lift near the armor appears to be blockable. This theory has been tested to some degree on Zombie's Deadzone. There are nearby wooden boxes that drop health. These wooden boxes can be moved under the armor lift while it is up. When it comes down, it will break these boxes, making the health items spawn. These health pickups will block the mover from coming down completely and effectively jam the mover. This can be improved upon by picking up both of the health pickups as the lift is descending. If timed properly, the lift will reach the ground and the health pickups will respawn inside of the lift. The lift will then have an extremely difficult time raising again -- pressing the lift button will make the lift encroach the health pickups and do nothing. With enough inventory jammed inside of the lift it may be impossible for it to ever rise again.

Health pickup lodged in lift. Blocking solutions-- delivered.

Note, however, that with the health pickups players may damage themselves and attempt to pick them up (their collision cylinders extend slightly through the top of the lift when it's on the ground). With proper timing, players could cause the healths to despawn as the lift is attempting to ascend which would unblock the mover.